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History of The Town of Clinton

The Town of Clinton was formed from Ellenburg, May 14, 1845. Churubusco, a/k/a Cherubusco received its name from Churubusco, Mexico the site of the 1847 Battle of Churubusco during the Mexican-American War. The community in New York was named in honor of the U.S. troops that fought in the battle with some moving to the area after the war. The “e” in Cherubusco was replaced with a “u” in the 1930’s by then Postmaster John Gagnier, but the reason for the change is not known today.

As more and more people settled into these wooded areas, hamlets were gradually formed. On the Canadian border, the Frontier was the earliest settlement in the town. On the western border was the small hamlet of Wrightsville. Located on the south branch of the English river in the eastern part to town, was the hamlet of Clinton Mills. The hamlet of Churubusco grew around the Summit Station, which was the second of two railroad
stops in the Town of Clinton.

Churubusco was once a major farming community. Many families made their living by operating large potato and dairy farms, which were the backbone of the town called Clinton.


  • First settlers; Junio Howard, Calvin Johnson, C.A. Smith,
  • Ebenezer Gates, George Peters and Stephen Martin.
  • First Marriage; Cornelius Austin and Fanny Hall in 1822.
  • First Birth; Child of William Hunter in 1820
  • First School; 1821 taught by Mary Emmonds
  • Joseph Willette was one of the first settlers on lot #66
    (Churubusco Village) in 1836-1837.

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