Welcome to "Churubusco"

Town News:

The Town is now part of the ITAX program and you can view your town tax bills on the internet site.  Check out this website!  http://egov.basny.com/clinton2/  On their page it will be displayed as Town of Clinton(Churubusco), as there are two Town of Clintons in New York.  If you have any questions contact our Tax Collector, Cindy Helm at 497-3480. 
The Town of Clinton history book is still available.  Contact Diane Lagree at 497-6647 or 497-6133 to purchase your copy.   

The history book of the "Town of Clinton" was complied and  written by the town's history committee. Along with facts from the original book, first published in 1976, the history committee and contributions from many generous past and present residents have taken the 1976 book and brought it up to date. This edition is packed with great facts and stories along with wonderful pictures that our Town Historian, Diane Lagree has diligently collected and saved to preserve the history of our town.  Get your copy while supplies last.

Duffy's Bar before being turned into the present day Town HallREMINDER:   If you own a dog, they must have their rabies vaccination and be licensed per NYS law.  Unfortunately hunting licenses are no longer available through the Town Clerk.  Any questions please contact our Town Clerk, Debbie McComb at 497-6590 for further information.  
Our Town Hall renovation of exterior and interior is complete. State Historic Funds mandated and supplied by the Wind Power projects and money allocated to complete the Town Hall renovation has left the exterior look with all the features of the historical pictures, but the interior has moved into the 21st century.

In 2016 the Town faced a challanging problem of suppling emergency medical response service to all Churubusco Residents. With the loss of several volunteer EMTs and the lack of recruitment for new ones, the Town was in a dangerous situation of losing their emergency response system.  
After many meetings,discussions and intense research, it was determined  a "must have" service and the Town was forced to hire an emergency response contractor, implement an EMS Special District and levy taxes for this service.  The positive aspect of this, is that special districts are exempt from the PILOT agreements that the Wind Power companies negotiated with Clinton County, therefore they are taxed for this special district at their full evaluation.
It is a comforting feeling to know the Town has emergency response and medical transport, 24/7, 365 days per year.  They are housed at the Fire Station.

In 2017, as in 2016, Town Officials voted to pay
 the county levy portion of the land taxes so the burden of only the Fire and EMS special districts were levied. Under NYS Law, Special Districts MUST be levied to residents.

Town Officials continue to work hard to keep expenses down as much as possible but provide essential services to our Town.  The Town recieved two grants to create and supply our Recreation Park located across from the fire station.  With these grants the Town was able to install a swing set, teeter totter, sand box and merry go round.  Picnic tables and a screened gazebo are also there for family gatherings.  Future projects include a walking trail and renovated basketball court. 

For updates and questions come join us at the monthly town meetings on the second Wednesday of the month or call our Town Supervisor, Daniel LaClair at 497-6042 or email him at dlaclairtownofclinton@gmail.com.